Sanovia MA '18, Urban Studies

Artrepreneur. Singer-songwriter. Vision caster.

How does the prop you brought represent you?

I brought a journal because I am in a space in life where I want to focus on what Habakkuk 2:2 says about “writing the vision, making it plain, and writing it big enough for it to be read by others on the run. I think it represents my creativity, but also my need and earnest desire to cast vision. A journal is also the place I began my sense of expression as a young child. I believe that is where I will find myself and be able to cast the vision.


How would you describe courage in one sentence?

Courage is still finding the time to dance in the rain.


How did getting your degree require courage?

I am a first generation college graduate. Pursuing odds that are stacked against me takes courage. Both my mother and father did not receive their degrees and my grandma (who raised me) did not finish school. Statistically I should not have received this degree. It (obtaining the degree) took courage because I had to continue even when I wanted to give up and when I felt like it wasn’t meant for me.


How does your current job or career path require courage?

As an aspiring Artrepreneur, it takes courage to believe that God has called me to a place of building a business and becoming a full-time singer/songwriter. It takes both courage and vulnerability to share my ideas with the world. It takes a full belief that what you are doing is the right thing. It requires the courage to believe that no matter what others may believe or think, you know what that you have to live your life’s purpose.


How did EU help you become more courageous in your thinking and actions?

Oh how I loved my program. The MAUS (Master of Arts in Urban Studies) program taught me to think critically about my art, faith, and justice and they gave me the courage to BE.

One specific class (Christ and the City) taught by Dr. Drick Boyd taught me courage by taking the time to find the spaces where I see God in the city, but more than just observing the city, finding a way to create a statement for the city. The BuildaBridge partnership also offered me the opportunity to travel over 14,000 miles to and from Nairobi, Kenya where I was able to teach Kenyan educators arts-integrated practices. The program helped me to become more courageous by placing me in situations where my love for God, people and my art could flourish.


Where do you hope courage will lead you in the future?

It is my hope that courage would lead me to places I never thought would be possible. I pray that courage would meet me everyday I wake up and kiss me goodnight as I lay down to sleep. I hope that courage will help me to transform the hearts of people who listen to my music, read my poetry and experience my light.

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