BA in Biological Studies Curriculum

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Course Number Course Name Credit
BIOL 151, 152 General Biology I, II 4,4
BIOL 316 Basic Techniques in Biotechnology 3
BIOL 344, 345 Molecular Biology and Lab 3,1
BIOL 417 Creation, Evolution, and the Organization of Biology 3
BIOL 425 or 426 Senior Thesis 2
BIOL 495 Biology Internship 3
CHEM 111,113 Applied Chemistry:Air, Water and Energy and Lab 3,1
CHEM 112, 114 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry and Lab 3
MATH 220 Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Choose THREE of the following: 12
BIO 301 Ecology
BIOL 310 Animal Physiology*
BIOL 311 Cell Biology
BIOL 312 Genetics
BIOL 320 Environmental Issues
BIOL Electives 8
Total Credit Hours: 54

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