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Faculty and Staff

Susan Edgar-Smith, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Counseling Psychology Department, Eastern University

Co-Chair, Counseling Psychology Department
Degree Coordinator for School Counseling and School Psychology
Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology

Phone: 610-341-4379
Email: sedgarsm@eastern.edu

Ruth Baugher Palmer, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology Department, Eastern University

Co-Chair, Counseling Psychology Department
Degree Coordinator, Clinical Counseling Program
Professor, Counseling Psychology

Phone:  610-341-5921
Email:  rpalmer@eastern.edu

Walter Chung, Ph.D., BCBA-D, CRC, NCP, BCCP, LPC, LBS, Professor, Counseling Psychology, Eastern University

Professor, Counseling Psychology Department
Coordinator for Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration

Phone: 610-341-4367
Email: wchung@eastern.edu

Catherine A. Kunsch, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Eastern University

Assistant Professor

Phone: 610-341-1487
Email: ckunsch@eastern.edu

Lucia Dwyer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Phone: 610-341-5248
Email: ldwyer@eastern.edu

Randolph Walters, Counseling Psychology, Eastern University

Associate Professor

Phone: 215-769-3117
Email: rwalters@eastern.edu

Michael R. McFee

Associate Professor

Phone: 610-225-5693
Email: mmcfee@eastern.edu

Affiliate and Adjunct Professors

Cathleen Albertson, M.A., BCBA
Adjunct Professor
Phone: 610-341-1595
Email: calberts@eastern.edu

Thomas C. Barnes, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Phone: 610-341-1595
Email: tbarnes1@eastern.edu

Field Placement Coordinators

Beth Collins, M.A.
Certified School Counselor, K-12
School Counseling Placement Coordinator
Email: bcollin2@eastern.edu

Michelle Wade, M.A., LPC
Clinical Counseling Field Placement Coordinator
Email: mwade@eastern.edu


Victoria Gill, MA, Counseling Psychology, Eastern University
Victoria Gill, M.A.

Student Advisor

Phone: 610-341-1467
Email: vgill@eastern.edu

LaToyia Baskerville-Uzzell, Administrative Assistant
LaToyia Baskerville-Uzzell

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 610-341-1595
Email: lbaskerv@eastern.edu

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