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BS in Environmental Studies Curriculum

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Course Number Course Name Credit
BIO 151, 152 General Biology I, II 4,4
BIO 309W Ecology 4
BIO 320 Environmental Issues 4
BIO 420 Introduction to Environmental Regulations and Policy 3
BIO 425 or 426 Senior Thesis 2
GEOL 200 Geology 3
BIO FOUR electives including a minimum of TWO field biology courses (e.g., AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies) 14-16
CHE 111, 113 Applied Chemistry: Air, Water and Energy and Lab 3,1
CHE 121, 123 General Chemistry I and Lab 3,1
CHE 122, 124 General Chemistry II and Lab 3,1
Choose ONE of the following: 3
BIO 410 Environmental Theology
BIO 417 Creation, Evolution, and the Organization of Biology
Choose ONE of the following: 3
ECON 205 Essentials of Economics
POS 103 American Government
POS 212 International Relations
Choose ONE of the following: 3
MATH 160 Calculus I
MATH 220 Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences
BUSA 221 Business Statistics
Total Credit Hours: 59-61

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