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Language and Cultural Studies Careers and Internships


  • A Eastern B.A. degree in foreign language can open up the door for many opportunities to utilize language skills in a wide variety of careers. 
  • The B.A. degree in Spanish allows for careers in teaching, translation, social work, bilingual services, and foreign services as well. In addition, there are several double major opportunities that are combined with the Spanish language, which provides many wonderful and exciting careers.
  • A Political Science and Spanish major can have careers with the government, NGOs, or also in the United Nations. 
  • Social Work and Spanish majors can work with social service agencies dealing with Hispanic clients. 
  • Mission work in the U.S. with Hispanic communities as well as mission trips to Spain or Latin America are some opportunities for Youth Ministries and Spanish double majors, or Anthropology & Missions and Spanish double majors.
  • With a double major in International Area Studies and Business, careers can be found in transnational companies as well as in the management of Spanish-speaking workers in the U.S. 
  • A Communications and Spanish double major has opportunities in the airline and travel industries, advertising, and Spanish TV and radio.
  • Another combination is the Biology and Spanish major, where jobs can be found in medicine dealing with the community.  
  • Another career is working with the law enforcement or the FBI with a Psychology and Spanish double major.
  • Sociology and Spanish is a good combination for someone interested in non-profits, social justice, immigration issues, and social change.


The department of Languages also has many connections to organizations in the area that offer internship opportunities. There are internships requiring language skills available in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties. There are many area non-profits that are looking for students that will help them in their mission.

We are currently working to compile a list of previous internships that have been done by our students. Depending on whether or not a student has a double major, their other department may also have a list of relevant internship opportunities.

We highly recommend internships as a tool for getting into the field of interest and forming networks that will help jump start a career.

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