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Philosophy Department

Why Choose the Philosophy Department at Eastern?

To put it simply: We ask questions that matter. What is true? Good? Beautiful? What is the good life? How should I live? What is happiness? Does God exist? What do I owe my neighbor? Do I have a soul? What should I do with my life? What’s the meaning of love? Of sex? What can I know? Is ethics relative?

The faculty in the Philosophy Department at Eastern University are accomplished scholars, writing and publishing books and articles about their areas of expertise. Consequently, courses are challenging, with high standards of expectation. You’ll learn to read, write, think, reason, speak, research, dialogue with others, and tackle questions which matter to you and to society.  Philosophy classes are taught by faculty who love to teach, and it shows. Classes are lively, engaging, rigorous, full of discussion and questions. We want to know what you think, and why, so we don’t just lecture but we aren’t afraid to ask you hard questions, and to let you ask us hard questions, too.

What the Philosophy Department Offers

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