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DA in Marriage and Family


To equip church leaders and mental health practitioners through studies in marriage and family systems theory, theological issues and psychology to create positive change in families, individuals and church communities. 


  • To equip students to assess individuals, couples, families, and congregations from an integrated point of view, incorporating theological issues with Marriage and Family systems theory and pertinent psychological perspectives.
  • Train students to provide integrated psychological and spiritual enrichment programs and counseling services.
  • Prepare students in advanced counseling skills appropriate to meet the needs of individuals, couples, families, and congregations seeking mental health services and programs.
  • Enable students to undertake an in-depth process of self-reflection designed to transform their personal and professional development.


  • Focused: The degree emphasizes prevention and growth in its approach to marriage and family training, while also providing training in contemporary therapeutic and diagnostic skills.
  • Enriching: Students are expected to be committed to deepening and revitalizing their own spiritual growth, marriages and/or family relationships, and are helped with this goal through exposure to resources and program components that promote effective communication, problem-solving, and peer support.
  • Blended online and residency instruction: Residency instruction embedded in each term is followed by online work and individual instruction.
  • Inter-Disciplinary: The program is rooted in a biblical worldview that recognizes the reality of sin as well as the possibility of forgiveness and healing and that integrates this perspective with theory and research from the behavioral sciences.
  • Practical: The degree offers practical application skills for the diverse communities in which students serve. Students can tailor assignments to meet the needs and interests of their current professional setting.

A new cohort begins each May.

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