Undergraduate Traditional and Adult Undergraduate

Starting Fall 2024- Please defer to course catalog for current FE hours

Course Number Course Name Hours
EDUC 201 Introduction to Special Education 15
EDUC 204/384 Inclusive Education 15
EDUC 255 Early Education Lab 30
EDUC 282/382 Classroom Management 10
EDUC 327 Early Childhood: Principles and Procedures 10
EDUC 328 Early Childhood Education 10
LANG 350 Teaching of Modern Language and ESL 10
EDUC 385 Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 10
EDUC 405 Low Incidence 10
EDUC 406, 407 or 408 Seminar in Education 110
EDUC 410 Student Teaching 490
EDUC 422 Language Testing and Material Development 10
EDUC 450 TESOL Field Experience 50

Post-Baccalaureate Certification and Graduate Courses

Course NumberCourse NameHours
EDUC 501Introduction to Special Education15
EDUC 504Inclusive Education with Field Experience15
EDUC 513Teaching of Modern Language and ESL10
EDUC 522Language Testing and Material Development10
EDUC 537Early Childhood Education with Field Experience10
EDUC 550TESOL Field Experience50
EDUC 551Instructional Design and Integration20
EDUC 571Teaching Math, Science and Health10
EDUC 572Teaching Social Studies & Language Arts10
EDUC 573Methods of Teaching Middle Level and Secondary Math, Science and Health10
EDUC 574Methods of Teaching Middle Level and Secondary Language Arts and Social Studies10
EDUC 681Low Incidence10
EDUC 685Emotional and Behavioral Disorders10
EDUC 587Instructional Leadership and Supervision (combines 2 courses: EDUC 608 and EDUC 590)60
EDUC 591The Principalship60
EDUC 598The Principal as a Leader of Organizational Change120
EDUC 599Leadership Models for Effective Education120
EDUC 610Student Teaching490
EDUC 612Reading Specialist Practicum75
EDUC 614Practicum for the Supervisor300