BS in Computer Science

BS in Computer Science

Why Major in Computer Science?

Computer Science asks the question: What sort of problems can be solved by a computer? In this sense it is a mathematical science. As such, it unites some of the most interesting aspects of mathematical problem solving with the exciting possibilities raised by the computational power of the computer. Career opportunities for graduates abound in fields ranging from artificial intelligence to software applications development and the field will only grow.

Why Choose Eastern?

  • Academic Community: Our department is a community of students who develop close and supportive relationships with one another. Faculty come alongside students as mentors to help them reach their full potential. Class sizes are small and individual attention is abundant.
  • Rigorous Problem Solving: This program provides students with the mathematical and algorithmic skills to solve complex problems.
  • Multiple Majors: Students have the opportunity to combine their studies in computer science with majors in pure mathematics or data science.
  • Christian Liberal Arts Approach: The technical rigor of the program is juxtaposed with a robust university approach to Christian liberal learning. We aim to produce Christian thinkers who can engage the data science world in ways consistent with a Christian understanding of ethics and personhood.

From Our Faculty

Dr. Walter Huddell“What the telescope is to the astronomer, the computer is to the computer scientist. Like the telescope, the computer is a means by which new universes of interesting problems are revealed.”
- Dr. Walter Huddell
Mathematics Department Chair

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