Annual Giving

Annual giving is the act of alumni, parents, friends, organizations, and students consistently making one or more gifts to Eastern during each fiscal, or academic, year. Because our goal is to increase giving percentage, as well as total gift amounts, all designations are available and encouraged for alumni, parents, and friends support.

Eastern Fund (Annual Giving)

The Eastern Fund includes all gifts from alumni, parents, and other friends for current support of teaching and learning at Eastern University, for unrestricted or restricted purposes and potentially repeatable, excluding most gifts to endowments and capital projects.


Endowed funds differ from others in that they are truly the gift that keeps giving.  Instead of the entire amount of the gift being spent outright, the total amount of the gift is invested.  Each year, only a portion of the invested income earned is spent while the remainder is added to the original principal.  An endowment is a perpetual gift because only the interest is used to support the University while the principle continuously grows.  Always equated with excellence and long-term strength, endowments are absolutely essential if we are to remain a leader in education and in the Philadelphia area and around the world.  Please consider creating an endowment for Eastern University.  It is a great way to link your legacy with our future forever.

Planned Gift

Typically, a "planned gift" is a gift made through a revocable trust or will, gifts that provide lifetime income to the donor, and more complex gifts of real estate and tax-deferred retirement assets.

Restricted Funds

The funds allow donors to designate gifts to the faculty, staff, and students of any of Eastern's outstanding programs.

Unrestricted Support

Unrestricted support is composed of gifts used to support the most immediate needs of the students and professors at Eastern University.  Unrestricted money is like a living university endowment that allows Eastern to remain diligent in pursuit of excellence and also provides a competitive edge in enabling the university to attract the best and brightest students through scholarships and learning resources.

U.S. News & World Report Rankings: Alumni Giving Percentage

The average percent of undergraduate alumni on record who donate money to the college or university. The alumni giving rate is calculated by dividing the number of appropriate donors during a given academic year by the number of appropriate alumni of record for that year. The percent of alumni giving serves as a proxy for how satisfied students are with the school.