If you have a concern or question about a specific charge on your student account, you are encouraged to contact the charging department directly in order to understand the assessment. Below is a list of the departments who assess charges to your student account.

Book charges: Book Store: eastern@bkstr.com

E-Card: Service Stop: servicestop@eastern.edu

Green Energy Fee: Student Development: studev@eastern.edu

Hall Fines: Housing Office: housing@eastern.edu

Health Insurance: Health Center: hlthctr@eastern.edu

Housing Assessments: Housing Office: housing@eastern.edu

Financial Aid Awards: Financial Aid Office: finaid@eastern.edu 

Key Replacements: Housing Office: housing@eastern.edu

Late payment Fees: Student Accounts Office: student.accounts@eastern.edu

Library Fine:  Library 610.225.5041

Parking Permits/Fines: Security 610.341.1737

Service Charges: Student Accounts Office: student.accounts@eastern.edu