About Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment provides students interested in early childhood education careers with an opportunity to take college courses and high school courses at the same time. The college credits may count towards your high school credits and will be posted on your Eastern University academic transcript. The program allows juniors and seniors to take college courses taught on site at the Delaware County Technical High Schools. All Dual Enrollment courses are taught by qualified Eastern University faculty. 

Why Participate in the Dual Enrollment Program?

Get Ahead
Successful completion of the coursework will earn you college credits, which will be applied to your official Eastern University transcript. All credits meet Eastern University’s academic curriculum requirements for degree completion in Early Childhood Education and other teacher certification programs. If you decide to attend another university, most of the credits you’ve earned may be transferred to that institution.

Save Money
Students who earn admission to the dual enrollment program pay a significantly reduced rate: 92.2% discount (approximately $60.00 per credit). Additionally, because the courses you take can be applied to future college requirements, you may save time and money when you are ready to complete your degree. 

Be More Prepared
Many students are concerned about the transition from high school to college. Your participation in Eastern University’s dual enrollment program enables you to experience the requirements of a college course before you graduate high school. We think you’ll enjoy the rigor and training of a college course and will likely choose a future college pathway to Eastern or a similar university.

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