The minor in Astronomy at Eastern University prepares students for a career in astronomy through a challenging array of courses in physics, math, computer science and astronomy designed to encourage growth in not only knowledge but faith, as well. 

“This image of The Bubble Nebula was taken by astronomy students in Fall 2020 at the Bradstreet Observatory of Eastern University. Located in the constellation Cassiopeia, the Bubble Nebula is created by the nearby stellar winds of a massive (44 times the mass of our Sun!), hot, young star exciting and expanding the molecular gas around it. The stellar winds both blow away the gas and excite it, causing the gas to glow. It is approximately 10,000 light years away.”

Dr. David Bradstreet


Course Number Course Name Credit
  Core Physics Courses 16
ASTR 111 The Solar System 4
ASTR 112 Exploration of the Universe 4
PHYS 101 Introduction to Physics I 4
PHYS 102 Introduction to Physics II 4
  Physics Courses 2-3
  An approved PHYS elective  
  Total Credit Hours: 18-19

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Astronomy students graduating from Eastern University are prepared for graduate school and research in an astronomy field. Recent graduates are working as:

  • Graduate students in Astronomy
  • Teachers in high school
  • Research assistants
  • Problem solvers in Industry