R.J. Snell Co-Author Of Authentic Cosmopolitanism

St, Davids, PA, April 26, 2013: Dr. R. J. Snell, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Philosophy Program, as well as Research Director for the Agora Institute for Civic Virtue and the Common Good at Eastern University, is the co=author of a new book, AUTHENTIC COSMOPOLITANISM: Love, Sin, and Grace in the Christian University. The co-author is Steven D. Cone, Assistant Professor of Theology and Chair of the Bible/Theology Field in the Undergraduate School at Lincoln Christian University.

Commenting on the book, Dr. Snell says, "I'm convinced that Christian education is the most comprehensive form of education; it has concern for the whole person--cura personalis--and not merely the person reduced to their parts. Some forms of education are concerned to make workers, others to make leaders, others to make citizens, others to make thinkers. This is all commendable, but education exists to develop and cultivate the person in their entirety. The whole range of human concern and endeavor, the whole scope of what we can love, is the point of education. In this text, we try to explain the whole range of those loves, including how we can do it very poorly, as well as how God assists us, making us free to do education well again."

AUTHENTIC COSMOPOLITANISM: Love, Sin, and Grace in the Christian University is available at Amazon.com and other book outlets. An excerpt from the back cover states: ”Turning to Augustine, or at least Augustine in conversation with Aquinas, Martin Heidegger, the overlooked Jesuit thinker Bernard Lonergan, and the important contemporary Charles Taylor, this book provides a normative vision for Christian higher education."

Gregory A. Clark, Professor of Philosophy at North Park University, writes, “Cone and Snell criticize current theory and practice of education in the best way possible: they offer a clear and inspiring alternative. They ground the alternative not in the latest Gallup poll or the latest pop psychology, but in rereading of authors and traditions recognized by the model they criticize. Dynamite comes in small packages. You have been warned.”

Another reviewer, Jeremy D. Wilkins, Associate Professor at Regis College at the University of Toronto, writes, “Here is a valuable contribution to Christian reflection on the foundational problems of education and spiritual order. Cone and Snell are alive to the dynamics of love, wonder, and bias in the unfolding of the human spirit. They creatively reappropriate and enrich a great tradition to propose a compelling vision for Christian higher education. Anyone serious about cultural renewal will profit from this book.”

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