In concert with Eastern University and Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) missions, the Strategic Alliances initiative identifies and develops mutually beneficial relationships between the adult students of Eastern University and one or more external parties for the purpose of pursuing an agreed upon set of goals that will add value to both organizations. The objectives of the Strategic Alliances program are 1) to expand the reach of GPS programs and enrollment and 2) to collaborate in mutually beneficial projects. As such, agreements will typically include one or more GPS program.

Types of Partnerships

These are listed in order of increasing complexity recognizing that partnerships may begin in one form but grow in complexity or become a hybrid of two or more models. Additionally, varying levels of complexity and commitment exist within the types.

Articulation: Academic partnerships with two and four-year institutions are designed to facilitate a simplified admissions process and seamless transfer of graduates into Eastern University's bachelor's and master's degree programs.

Corporate Educational Partnership: Eastern University will provide tuition discounts to corporate partners who are willing to distribute program information and/or allow on-site recruiting presence.

Program Delivery and Development: Eastern University invites partners to participate in the development of curriculum and program delivery options.

Research/Internship: This partnership will allow for joint research where interns are welcome within the collaborative environments as a necessary resource to complete their study.

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