Eastern University Bookstore Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

Each session/semester, registered students will be able to purchase books from the Eastern University bookstore at St. Davids and bill these purchases to their student accounts.   All eligible students are able to purchase up to $1,000 per semester.  Only course-required books will be able to be billed to student accounts.  Apparel and other non-book items (including computers) must be paid out of pocket by students at the time of purchase.  When bills are generated by Student Accounts, book purchases will appear on the bill.

The Campus Bookstore has a selection of computers discounted by Dell that meet these requirements at: https://www.bkstr.com/easternstore/shop/electronics/computers-tablets/eastern-it-approved-computers

  • You can order the computer online and have it shipped directly to your house.
  • You do have the option to purchase one of these computers through the bookstore and charge it to your student account bill.
How does this help me?

Books tend to be expensive when purchasing.  To remove the guesswork from how to pay for books, you are able to get your books in advance rather than relying on funds, including financial aid, to be disbursed first.  Your student account will reflect any charges made.

When may I order my books?

The program is set up to match your student account billing cycle, therefore you may not order for only one class at a time.  Instead you must order all books needed for a particular session during your “purchase window.”  The purchase window opens approximately  six (6) weeks prior to the session. The deadline for purchase is the drop/add date for the semester you are enrolled.

Do I have to buy from the EU bookstore?

No, you are not required to get your books from the EU bookstore, though getting them there would ensure obtaining the correct titles. With online vendors, what you get is not always what you ordered. Further, any purchases made elsewhere would not be able to be charged to your student account.  Feel free to purchase all, some, or none of your books from the bookstore.  Any book purchases made are able to be billed to your student account.

Do I have to visit the EU bookstore in person to purchase my books?

No, you may order online through the bookstore website through the following steps:

  1. Hover over the tab “Books” and click on “Textbooks and Course Materials”
  2. Use the drop down boxes to select the session/semester and then your course
  3. Add the books you need to your cart and continue shopping for more books or proceed to checkout

To bill the cost of books to your student account, select “Student Account” as your payment method.

I went to purchase books, but the bookstore said that I was past my "purchase window" to buy them and bill them to my student account. What gives?

This is important to know about the book program.  The purchase window is in place to coordinate with any financial aid (if applicable) disbursing.  Please see the question above regarding when you may purchase your books and bill them to your student account.  Remember, this only applies to those who want to buy books from the bookstore and bill them to their student accounts.  Otherwise, the transaction will be handled like any other cash/credit sale.

Although I am past my deadline to purchase books, may I purchase them anyway?

Yes, but you will have to pay for them out of pocket.  The ability to purchase books and bill them to your student account has passed. See the previous question and answer as to why this is.

My books for the semester total more than what I've been extended to bill to my student account. How do I pay for the difference?

You will be required to pay for the difference out of pocket.  If you have not done so already, please consider cheaper formats (used, rental, digital) to reduce your bill.

What books do I need to purchase?

Please refer to the bookstore website and check what books are available for the class you specify.

The bookstore does not have my book in stock; am I able to buy it elsewhere and bill to my student account?

No, only actual book purchases made at the bookstore are able to be billed to your student account.

I only used a portion of my available funds this semester. Can I use the remaining funds in addition to what I get next semester?

There is no rolling over of unused funds to subsequent sessions/semesters.  The most you may bill to your student account is $1,000 per session/semester.

I purchased my books today; when will I see the charges on my student account?

Charges will post weekly to student accounts.  If you do not see them, please allow one week more before inquiring when you will be billed.

I got charged late in the semester. Why?

The University conducts internal audits from time-to-time and there are instances where charges were never applied to student accounts. Often in these cases, students are billed immediately when these mischarges are discovered.