Where can I find an up-to-date listing of jobs?

Browse a listing of all of our open positions. If a position appears on this list, it has not been filled and applications are currently being accepted.

How do I apply for an open position?

All applications for employment at Eastern University must be submitted via email to eujobs@eastern.edu. All positions will remain open until filled.

When will I be contacted?

Once you have selected the desired position(s) and emailed your cover letter, resume and supported- remove the ed documentation to eujobs@eastern.edu; the Hiring Manager or Search Committee Chair will have access to your materials. The hiring manager or committee members will then contact selected candidates directly if they are selected for an interview or if additional application materials are desired. Applicants should direct questions to Human Resources and not contact the hiring manager or committee chair directly. 

How do I know when the job is filled?

Please check the Employment Opportunities page frequently to see if the position has been filled. Only open/available job postings are listed on the website. The jobs page is updated daily Monday- Friday. You will not receive notification that the position has been filled unless you have participated in the interview process.

What is the pay range for an open position?

If you are selected for an interview, the Hiring Manager/Committee Chair would be happy to discuss the pay range with you.

Where can I review the Mission Statement for Eastern University?

Eastern University's Mission Statement and additional information are available on www.eastern.edu under the "About" section. To learn more about Eastern University, please review our Faith Statement.

What is Eastern’s diversity and inclusion initiative?

Diversity is a key component of the strategic plan as listed in Strategic Imperative #5- Provide Pathways to Academic Success for Diverse Communities. Eastern is committed to creating a community of rich diversity that reflects our multicultural Christian community.

Therefore, our diversity and inclusion initiative includes the following:

  • Access and Opportunity: Our goal is to achieve proportional representation and outcomes for racial, ethnic and gender diversity that mirror our state population in ten years.
  • Equity and Inclusion: We are committed to establishing a campus culture and climate in which every member of the university feels a sense of belonging and is able to participate fully in the life of the institution.


Is the university’s diversity initiative new?

No, but Eastern has developed an institution-wide diversity plan, including strategy that supports targeted efforts to enhance recruitment of underrepresented individuals for leadership and faculty positions, as well as student advisement positions.

What if I have more questions and need to talk with Human Resources?

You may contact the HR Services Coordinator at 610-341-1459 or eujobs@eastern.edu.