The Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness provides leadership and service in support of the university’s culture of assessment.  Responsive to both internal and external stakeholders, the team collaborates with university colleagues in assessment planning, implementation, data analysis, feedback, and dissemination.  Such cooperation is based upon institutional and student learning assessment models that are integrated into academic and institutional strategic planning and decision making.  In keeping with the university’s threefold mission of education in Christian faith, reason, and justice, the Office subscribes to the values of integrity, accessibility, and transparency.  Assessments based upon these characteristics provide data that document excellence and support improvement fostering the university’s ongoing growth and renewal.

Administrative Unit Assessment

Why do we assess administrative units?

Consistent assessment of all academic and administrative units is critical to ensuring a full-bodied system of planning, resource allocation and renewal. Some of the areas where the results of administrative unit assessment are used by the larger EU community and individual departments/units to inform decision-making are: program planning and service delivery; resource allocation and strategic planning.

What is the administrative unit assessment process?

The assessment process for administrative units is completed annually. Administrative units conduct two levels of assessment. Each unit assesses progress toward the unit and institutional mission and goals on an annual basis, and, every five years, conducts a comprehensive review of its functional areas. These documents are submitted to the Institutional Renewal Committee for review and feedback. Annual deadlines for these materials are:

September 1: Unit Assessment Plan
July 15: Unit Assessment Report

Who manages the process?

The assessment of administrative units is managed by the Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness, in cooperation with the Institutional Renewal Committee and each University division.

Comprehensive Unit Review

In addition to the annual assessment cycle, all of the University’s non-academic administrative units are scheduled to participate in a comprehensive review every five years (see “Offices and Centers-Office of IERA” in MyEastern).  This type of review provides the unit an opportunity to consistently evaluate all of its functions in the context of both the University’s mission and goals, as well as the larger national scope of expectations/best practices in a specific area of service. To facilitate this process, the IRC committee has recommended that units use the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education to guide the comprehensive review.  For those units for which no CAS standard currently exists, a comparable process will be developed internally between the unit, division and the Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness or adapted from resources available in the area of specialty. In some cases, units or divisions may elect to engage an external consultant to conduct an audit of specific functional areas. Alternative modes of evaluation are subject to the approval of the VP of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness and the supervising Vice President.

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