Windows on the World is intended to stimulate personal involvement in and knowledge of some of the crucial and controversial issues facing Christians today. Through these forums, the campus community is exposed to Christian thinkers and activists who model our motto of “the whole gospel for the whole world.”

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Presentations are Fridays, 10 a.m. in McInnis Auditorium (St. Davids campus) unless otherwise indicated.  Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and open to the public.

* LUNCHEON: An asterisk after dates below indicates that following that particular presentation, the Provost’s Office will host an informal luncheon in Baird Library (Walton Hall, 2nd floor) from 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. to extend the conversation over a meal. Sodexo offers a discounted meal rate of $6/person, payable at the door. Luncheon attendees should go through the Dining Commons line and bring their lunches back to Baird Library.

Friday, August 31

FALL ACADEMIC CONVOCATION (10am in the University Gym at St. Davids)

Dr. Ron MatthewsSpeaker: Dr. Ron Matthews, 10th President of Eastern University

The Academic Convocation is a meaningful, time-honored tradition at Eastern University, during which we gather to corporately welcome new students, faculty, administrators, and staff, to celebrate student achievements, and to ask God's blessing on our new beginnings.

Please Note: 11am classes will start late as a result.

Friday, September 7*


Rev. Dominique DuBois GilliardSpeaker: Rev. Dominique DuBois Gilliard, Director of Racial Righteousness and Reconciliation for the Evangelical Covenant Church

"Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice that Restores"

The United States has more people locked up in jails, prisons, and detention centers than any other country in the history of the world. Mass incarceration has become a lucrative industry, and the criminal justice system is plagued with bias and unjust practices. And the church has unwittingly contributed to the problem. This lecture will explore the history and foundation of mass incarceration, examining Christianity's role in its evolution and expansion. It will conclude by showing how Christians can pursue justice that restores and reconciles. The church has the power to help transform our criminal justice system. We must become the moral voice that advocates for restorative justice, a justice that reflects the love of Christ, bring authentic rehabilitation, lasting transformation, and healthy reintegration to this broken system.

Friday, September 14*


Rev. Dr. Curtis FreemanSpeaker: Rev. Dr. Curtis Freeman, Research Prof of Theology and Baptist Studies; Director, Baptist House of Studies at Duke Divinity School

"The Dys-Eased Conscience of American Evangelicalism"

Modern evangelicalism began with an uneasy conscience, which became awakened. Prophetic voices like Carl F.H. Henry, Ron Sider, and Tony Campolo sounded the call for Christians to attend to the social reality of God's love for the whole world. In his lecture, Curtis Freeman will argue that the conscience of evangelicalism has become dys-eased from the traumatic effects of long-term stress in caring wrongly about the world. The effects are so serious, Freeman will argue, that American evangelicalism is exhibiting signs of a disordered condition that is not simply dys-eased, but can now rightly be described as diseased. The pathology of this moral disorder is degenerative and progressive, and unless it is halted, the diagnosis will be terminal, as it is hard to imagine that evangelicalism as a religious movement can long survive without a healthy and functioning conscience.

Friday, September 21*


Matthew SoerensSpeaker: Matthew Soerens, U.S. Director of Church Mobilization, World Relief, National Coordinator of the Evangelical Immigration Table

"Welcoming the Stranger: Thinking Biblically about Immigration"

For many Americans, immigration is a polarizing political, economic and cultural issue, but for Christians, it is also an important biblical theme. Drawing on both Scripture and an analysis of current U.S. immigration law and policy, Matthew Soerens of World Relief explores how local churches should respond to the challenges and opportunities of immigration in the United States.

Friday, September 28*

Location: to be held in the University Gym at St. Davids
(Required for all traditional undergraduate first-year INST 150 students)

Returned CitizenCome Hear the Story of a Returned Citizen

David Garlock would fit the #MeToo movement because he was sexually and physically abused while he was younger. He went to prison for taking the life of the abuser. David has a dramatic change while in the county jail and prison for 13.5 years in Alabama. His trajectory changed and he became focused on bettering himself. In doing so, he worked closely with EU Alum extraordinaire, Bryan Stevenson, and obtained the help of EJI (Equal Justice Initiative) for his brother and himself. After his time in prison, David was released and began the upward climb to where he is today. David graduated from Eastern University in 2017 and became Program Director of New Persons Ministries, where he works with sex offenders in Lancaster, PA. In his work in Lancaster, David has joined the board of Lancaster County Reentry Management Organization and speaks at universities in the Northeast about redemption and about his story. He is also connected with the PA Reentry Council, which consists of all the reentry coalitions in Pennsylvania.

Friday, October 5

Lindy BackuesSpeaker: Dr. Lindy Backues, Associate Professor of Business, Eastern University

"A Robust Template for the Reconfiguration of Christian Higher Education (complements of The Burke-Litwin Organizational Change Model)"

Given the necessary faith-based and academic nature of American Christian higher education, Lindy suggests - in all disciplines - that (a) components that are witness-oriented, (b) components that are rigorous, academic, and intellectually robust, and (c) components that advance justice, be emphasized by the leadership of these institutions, in each and every discipline. As a result, where these three emphases intersect is where Christian universities should place their attention and principally allocate their limited resources. This presentation will explore these points assisted by the helpful prism of The Burke-Litwin Organizational Change Model, a template frequently employed to analyze and understand component parts of an organization, highlighting how these components relate to each other in times of change.

Friday, October 12*

Brisa DeAnguloSpeaker: Brisa DeAngulo, J.D., M.A., EU Alum '07, founder and CEO of A Breeze of Hope Foundation

Brisa will provide an overview of the magnitude and impact of childhood sexual violence on individuals and on society. Following this brief overview, she will explore the dynamics of trauma recovery, as well as the intimate connection between trauma recovery and the pursuit of justice. Finally, Brisa will provide an overview of A Breeze of Hope Foundation's approach to recovery and justice for victims. Brisa is founder and CEO of A Breeze of Hope Foundation, Bolivia's first and only trauma informed center dedicated solely to child victims of sexual violence.

Friday, October 19*


Logan M. IsaacSpeaker: Logan M. Isaac, Author, Advocate, and Entrepreneur

"Theology in the Crosshairs: Toward a Martial Hermeneutic"

The isolation of military personnel and communities from their civilian counterparts, a phenomenon known as "The Civil-Military Divide," has been especially pronounced in the American church since the early twentieth century. This may be because pacifist theology has normalized a flawed systematic theology of war propagated by so-called "Christian realists" which was co-opted from pastoral resources handed down by Augustine of Hippo and finding their final form in Thomas Aquinas. Caught in the crosshairs of God and country are Christian soldiers and veterans who need a constructive, bipartisan hermeneutic to complement existing mental health solutions in order to combat the epidemic of military suicide.

Friday, October 26*


Rev. Dr. Jacqui LewisSpeaker: Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister at Middle Collegiate Church, co-founder of The Middle Project and an Auburn Theological Seminary Senior Fellow

"The Pentecost Paradigm: What the Church Must Do to Dismantle Racism"

While the United States of America grows increasingly diverse, there is a seeming resurgence of emboldened white-nationalism and re-assertion of white supremacy that threatens the Peace of the City and contradicts the character of God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. The Church must bear witness to and embody the Good News — for all of God’s children — in this socio-cultural context.  But how do churches build immunity from racial and ethnic tensions that threaten to divide rather than unite congregations? Jacqui Lewis will share practical strategies for developing multiracial, multicultural communities of faith based on her research, experience and leadership with The Middle Project and as Senior Pastor at Middle Collegiate Church, a vibrant, multiracial, welcoming, and inclusive congregation in New York City.

Friday, November 2

Dr. Eric FlettSpeaker: Dr. Eric Flett, Professor of Theology, Eastern University

"'You Make Me Sick!' Dirt, the Psychology of Disgust, and the Radical Hospitality of God"

Drawing upon insights from anthropologist Mary Douglas regarding dirt and taboo, psychological studies of disgust and contamination, and sociological research into the power of moral orders to direct human action, we will consider the narrative of the Apostle Peter's encounter with the gentile centurion, Cornelius, in Acts 10. It is hoped that all these threads, when woven together, will tell us something theologically important about the holistic nature of the atonement, the ethics of the Kingdom of God, and the identity and work of the Holy Spirit. Suggestions will be made as to how this narrative might inform the practice of the Eucharist and the posture of the Christian community towards the poor and vulnerable.

Friday, November 9*


Amy ButlerSpeaker: Amy Butler, Senior Minister at the Riverside Church in New York City. She is the seventh Senior Minister and first woman to hold the position.

"Preaching the Gospel When the World is Falling Apart"

Jesus didn’t start a church, he started a movement.  Many people are talking about whether the church can survive.  The more important questions is, should we?  If the church is not preaching a gospel that is relevant to people’s lives or that speaks prophetically to the brokenness of our world, is it time we pass the microphone to someone else?

Friday, November 16*


Rev. Laura ColeeSpeaker: Rev. Laura Colee, Lead Pastor at Broad Street Ministry in Center City, Philadelphia

"Offering Radical Hospitality to Those Facing Homelessness and Hunger"

Rev. Laura Colee will be exploring the Biblical imperative for Christians to offer hospitality to neighbors and strangers alike, claiming hospitality is as important to our spiritual lives as worship and prayer. Rev. Colee will share how Broad Street Ministry strives to offer radical hospitality to unstably-housed and hungry guests in Center City Philadelphia using trauma-informed practices and progressive theology.

Friday, December 7

MusicMusic and Dance Departments, Eastern University

Eastern University's Music and Dance Departments will lead us in expressing the joy of this holy season.

* LUNCHEON: An asterisk after dates above indicates that following that particular presentation, the Provost’s Office will host an informal luncheon in Baird Library (Walton Hall, 2nd floor) from 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. to extend the conversation over a meal. Sodexo offers a discounted meal rate of $5/person, payable at the door. Luncheon attendees should go through the Dining Commons line and bring their lunches back to Baird Library.

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