Windows on the World is intended to stimulate personal involvement in and knowledge of some of the crucial and controversial issues facing Christians today. Through these forums, the campus community is exposed to Christian thinkers and activists who model our motto of “the whole gospel for the whole world.”

Event Details

Presentations are Fridays, 10 a.m. in McInnis Auditorium (St. Davids campus) unless otherwise indicated.  Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and open to the public.

* An asterisk after dates below indicates that following that particular presentation, the Provost’s Office will host an informal luncheon in Baird Library (Walton Hall, 2nd floor) from 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. to extend the conversation over a meal. Sodexo offers a discounted meal rate of $6/person, payable at the door. Luncheon attendees should go through the Dining Commons line and bring their lunches back to Baird Library.

Friday, August 30

Dr. Phaedra BlockerSpeaker: Dr. Phaedra Blocker, Affiliate Professor in Leadership and Formation/Assistant Director of Openseminary MTS, Palmer Theological Seminary

The Academic Convocation is a meaningful, time-honored tradition at Eastern University, during which we gather to corporately welcome new students, faculty, administrators, and staff, to celebrate student achievements, and to ask God's blessing on our new beginnings. 

PLEASE NOTE: 11:00 a.m. classes will start late as a result.

Friday, September 6*


Don Golden, missiologist and executive director of Red Letter Christians

“Economic Dimensions in Christian Mission: Empowering Sustainable Justice”

Drawing from his 30 years mission experience with World Relief, World Vision and Red Letter Christians, Don will shed light on the changing demands of Christian mission. Starting with the Biblical use of the Greek work oikos (household) from which the word “economy” is derived, Don will highlight the New Testament emphasis on the physical space where faith works out in practice for the wellbeing of all. From this Biblical grounding, Don will speak about the relationship between mission and economics and the critical demand for economic justice in the mission of the church. The punch line: if the gospel is not real and actual ‘good news’ for poor and marginalized people, it is not faithful to Jesus. 

Friday, September 13


Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo, Emeritus Professor of Sociology

“A Progressive Evangelical Response to the Religious and Political Right” 

There has been a marriage between the Religious Right and the Right Wing of the Republican Party. This marriage has resulted in a movement that, in many cases, is anti-environmentalist, anti-Muslim, anti-gay, opposed to feminism and opposed to any form of gun regulations. This movement also has supported the end of many benefits to poor people while giving significant tax benefits to the upper five percent of Americans. Progressive Christians have a commitment to justice for all oppressed peoples and especially the poor. A special emphasis will be given to the Red Letter Christians movement.

Friday, September 20*

Carolyn NicholsCarolyn Nichols, EU Alum, MBA Class of 2002, Superior Court Judge of Pennsylvania 

“Slay Your Life: A Guide to Self-Confidence and Empowerment”

Real talk on developing self-confidence and empowerment in your life and career by defeating self-doubt, and low self-esteem aggravated by micro aggressions, gaslighting, and subtle discrimination.

Friday, September 27*

Kathy Khang(LOCATION: to be held in the University Gym at St. Davids) [Required for all traditional undergraduate first-year INST 150 students] 

Kathy Khang, writer, speaker, Multiethnic Director for InterVarsity’s Great Lakes West region.

“Raise Your Voice: Embodying the Body of Christ in Word and Deed”

Kathy Khang will interrogate the U.S. church's silence around injustice nu using the separation of church and state as an excuse, while taking advantage of tax deductions and exemptions to protect the financial wellbeing of institutions over the wellbeing of people. Kathy will draw from her recent book, Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and How to Speak, to examine the implications of staying silent, and the importance of raising our voices and using our influence to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Friday, October 4

Dr. Al SocciDr. Al Socci, Dean of the College of Business and Leadership, Eastern University

Immigrants make the best entrepreneurs so why build a wall to keep them out?

The configuration of new entrepreneurs in the United States is shifting. In the period from 1996 to 2016, the percentage of U.S. business founders declined, whereas immigrant entrepreneurs more than doubled. In 2016 29.5% of all new entrepreneurs were immigrants. As of January 2015 51% of new business were started by immigrants, worth an estimated 1 billion. I am the son of immigrant parents and I would like to tell you “the rest of my story”.

Friday, October 11*

Mark GoodsonMark Goodson, current EU doctoral candidate, D.A. in Family and Marriage Therapy

“Changing the Culture of Policing in the 21st Century”

According to a recent study, blacks are approximately 3 times more likely than whites to be shot and killed by police and nearly 5 times more likely to be killed by police unarmed. Why is this, and how does this affect the mental health of black citizens? Speaking from the perspective of his 30 year career in law enforcement, including his current assignment to the Employee Assistance Program Unit where he provides counsel and support for officers and families involved in critical situations, M. David Goodson will lead us in exploring the "why" to these critical questions.

Friday, October 18*

Brandon “Scoop B” RobinsonBrandon “Scoop B” Robinson, EU Alum Class of 2008, Host of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, Senior NBA writer at Basketball Society, contributor to

“Validation vs. Vindication: Sensing God’s Purpose for your Life”

‘Scoop B’ will explore Psalm 37:6-16 to connect how the choices we make in life impact us as well as others -- with how to navigate the entertainment industry as a Christian.

Friday, October 25*



Friday, November 1*


Derrick Jamison, Death Row Exoneree, WITNESS TO INNOCENCE

Shane Claiborne will co-host this presentation and interview Derrick. Derrick was an innocent man who spent nearly 20 years on Ohio’s death row for a murder and robbery he did not commit. Minutes before he was set to be executed, Derrick received a stay which eventually led to his conviction being overturned and all charges against Derrick dismissed. Derrick was released 20 years to the day after the date he had been unjustly sentenced. Derrick now enjoys traveling the country to speak and educate others about the flaws of the justice system and "giving this message about how we can do better without the death penalty. The death penalty is not a deterrent." He particularly likes to speak to children. When he lived in New Orleans, he participated in a Voices from Death Row project, speaking to local students and empowering them to get involved alongside fellow exonerees. In 2017 and 2018, Derrick participated in the Journey of Hope tour throughout Oklahoma and Texas. He is promoting a book published in 2019 called The Deprived and works to create community amongst other exonerees in Tampa Bay, Florida where Derrick now resides.

Friday, November 8*


Julie Pennington, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Washington, D.C.

“Learning to See”

What the world needs most is radical contemplatives who are accepting the invitation to live beyond ego, beyond the rational mind—Christians whose words and actions spring from contemplation.

Friday, November 15*

HAHAHAHA (Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week) 


The National Coalition for the Homeless is comprised of extraordinary people who are committed to sharing their personal and powerful experiences of homelessness with others. From homeless activists to riveting poets, all have found a unique way for their voices to be heard. Come hear two such voices this morning!

Friday, November 22

Dr. Tara StoppaDr. Tara Stoppa, Professor of Psychology, Eastern University

“Creating Fairness and Equity in Society: Emerging Adult Students’ Perspectives on Social Justice”

How do emerging adults in college view social justice issues, and how do they develop social justice-related attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors? Dr. Tara Stoppa presents recent research on social justice development among emerging adult students and describes potential implications for promoting social justice development during this formative period.

Friday, December 6

musicMusic and Dance Departments, Eastern University

Eastern University’s Music and Dance Departments will lead us in expressing the joy of this holy season.

* LUNCHEON: An asterisk after dates below indicates that following that particular presentation, the Provost’s Office will host an informal luncheon in Baird Library (Walton Hall, 2nd floor) from 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. to extend the conversation over a meal. Sodexo offers a discounted meal rate of $6/person, payable at the door. Luncheon attendees should go through the Dining Commons line and bring their lunches back to Baird Library.

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