From the Provost

I want to invite you to explore Eastern University, an academic community of over 3,300 students who share a passion to change the world through our missional commitment to Faith, Reason and Justice.

  • Faith. We are wholly devoted to Christ, to Scripture and to the great truths and traditions of the Christian faith. But the faith of our commitment is not dead doctrine to which we give intellectual assent. Rather it is a living faith that transforms our lives and affects our understanding of the world. It is the animating impetus behind our thinking, our speaking, and our acting.
  • Reason. We believe that a vibrant life of faith invites us to critically reflect on our understanding of God, God’s word and God’s world, so that we are always growing in our capacity to love God and our neighbor well. Freedom in Christ means the freedom to think! Indeed, as good stewards, Christ calls us to love God with our whole minds.
  • Justice. We follow Jesus and the biblical prophets by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the injured, the struggling, the poor and the oppressed. We labor to understand and bring an end to the patterns of social, economic and political exploitation that mar our broken world. We believe one cannot be passive in the face of suffering and still reflect our righteous and loving Lord.

Whatever your background and experience, the Eastern community will labor with love to help you become the person you were intended to be. You were created by God and bear God’s image. Come study with us, and discover how that image can blossom into abundant life.

Shared Governance

For more information on shared governance at Eastern University, read this shared governance excerpt from the faculty handbook (PDF).

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