You only need to register for EU's security alerts one time. Use either a cell phone number or an e-mail address to register below. Once you create your account, you can manage how and where you receive your messages.

Should an emergency occur on any Eastern University campus or site, a text message or email will be sent to registered community members with the location, the problem, and what to do to stay safe. The message will be brief and to the point. Additional information will be disseminated through an all-community e-mail as soon as it is available.

This system will be used for EXTREME EMERGENCIES ONLY and nothing else. You must register (see above) in order to receive alerts. REGULAR TEXT MESSAGING FEES WILL APPLY ACCORDING TO YOUR CONTRACT WITH YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER AND MUST BE PAID BY YOU. THE FEE FOR A SINGLE TEXT MESSAGE (as of 9/07) RANGE FROM .15 per message to .75 per message received depending on the service provider. Registration is free of charge to subscribers, and is voluntary but highly encouraged. The provider for this instant text messaging system is e2Campus. General information about the service can be found at

Eastern University's instant mass notification system enables students, parents, and all employees to receive updates and alerts on cell phones, personal data assistants (PDAs), e-mail accounts, and personal webpages (Google, AOL, or Yahoo). This new alert system is a reflection of Eastern's commitment to the safety of community members should a dangerous event occur. This text messaging service is a completely voluntary service provided through the Omnilert Network e2Campus program. No advertisements or non-emergency alerts will be sent to you. You must sign up for the service in order to receive alerts. This is a voluntary service - free of charge to the user - and you may choose to or opt-out of the service at any time.

Information for Parents

As a parent or guardian, you have the option to receive these emergency alert notifications. Once registered, all student users can add up to a total of 2 cell phone numbers and 2 e-mail addresses. If you are a parent or guardian and would like to receive the alerts, please encourage your student to add your cell phone number and/or e-mail address information to his/her account.

Important Information

  • Those who register others are responsible for any messaging charges from the wireless service providers. Eastern University is not responsible for any charges your service provider may charge for standard text messaging fees.
  • You will only receive messages if your account information is registered correctly, so check to make sure your information is up-to-date.
  • Your information is not shared with or sold to third parties or used for anything other than Eastern University Emergency Notifications.
  • If you do not want to receive text messages, but would still like to receive the alerts, register with your email address only.
  • The EU Emergency Alert system is totally separate from any other accounts that you may have established with the University.

Registration Reminders

  • You only have to register one time. Register using either your cell phone OR e-mail address, then add the other to your account once it has been created if you prefer.
  • If you are registering using your cell phone, a validation code will be sent to you as a text message. To ensure that you are entering the correct validation code during your registration, you will need to OPEN & READ the text message for the 4-digit validation code. The number that appears as the sender of the text message is NOT the actual code you will need to register.
  • Once your registration is confirmed, you can log-in to and manage your account:
  1. Add an additional cell phone number and/or e-mail address
  2. Change your status from active to in-active
  3. Change your cell phone number or email address
  4. Reset your password
  5. Register For EU Emergency Alert System Now