See below for answers to frequently asked questions:

1. When is my bill due?

Bills are due by the beginning of each new session. Bills published after the start of the session are due upon receipt.

2. When do I receive my bill?

Eastern University sends an email alerting students when their bill is viewable through (Eastern University does not send paper bills.)

3. How do I log into the EU portal and access my bill?

To access the EU portal, log on to

4. What happens if I cannot pay my balance on time?

A Late Payment Fee of $110.00 is assessed to all semester-based student account balances that are not cleared at the start of the semester. Session- based students will be assessed $55.00 each session that the account balances have not been cleared at the start of the session. Each month that your account remains unpaid you will be accessed a 1.5% service charge until your balance is paid in full.

5. If I have a credit balance on my account, how do I apply for a refund?

You may receive a paper check refund. Paper check refunds are sent to your home address.

6. May I cash a personal check in the Student Accounts Office?

Yes, our office is able to cash your personal checks up to $75.00 each week day. (On the day that students receive federal work study payments, students may cash checks up to $150.00)

7. Do you accept credit card payments?

Credit card payments are accepted on the web.  You may make your payments using your VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover credit card.