The charges below are effective Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Summer 2019.

Graduate Tuition

MA, MS, MSN, MEd, MAT, MBA in EcDev $707  per credit
Graduate Certifications $707 per credit
MBA Management, Health Admin, Social Impact $743 per credit
DA & PhD in Marriage and Family $824 per credit
EdD Curriculum and Instruction with STEM Focus $850 per credit
PhD in Organizational Leadership $985 per credit


Graduate & Professional Studies Fees

Program Fees for accelerated and term-based programs- Program fees cover the graduation fee, transcript fee, student services fees, parking or offsite location fees, technology fee and program specific fees.

MA Intl Dev/MBA EcDev Annual Residencies* $20 per credit
MBA in Management and Health Administration $27 per credit
MS in Health Service Management $27 per credit
MSN $34 per credit


*In addition to the program fee listed above, the annual residencies have an additional room and board fee which varies by location.

Program Fees for Semester-Based Programs

Student Service Fee- Graduate (semester only) $97 per semester
MBA- Social Impact, MA Org Leadership $174 per semester
MA in Urban Studies (Fall and Spring only) $174 per semester
EdD Curriculum and Instruction with STEM Focus $174 per semester
DA and PhD in Marriage and Family $179 per semester
PhD in Org Leadership (except dissertation terms) $179 per semester
MA in Teaching $174 summer only


Course Fees

Graduate Counseling/Psychology (CNSL 611) $174 per course
MA Org Leadership (LEAD 681 a) $305 per course
Master of Urban Studies Thesis (URBN 690) $350 per course
Student Teaching (EDUC 610) $350 per course
Computer Test-out (1 credit per test) $149 per test-out
Portfolio $149 per credit


Miscellaneous Fees

Application for Admission- Graduate $35  
Auditing- Graduate 50% of program credit
Graduation Fee $160  
Green Energy Fee- Optional $40 per year
Identification Card Replacement $15  
Late Payment Fee $150 per semester
Parking Registration: Resident @ St. Davids $335 per year
Parking Registration: Resident using West Lot $200 per year
Parking Registration: Commuter $280 per year
Parking Registration: Part-Time $150 per year
Return Check Fee (NSF or Closed Account) $50  
Transcript Fee  $65 one time


Additional Tuition Information

The University reserves the right to change its schedule of fees without prior notice.