You speak...

As a top tier executive, you are seeking team oriented, collaborative, and flexible employees. You want confident communicators who are comfortable with the complexity and uncertainty in today's changing business world. You want people who can handle real projects and who know which resources to use when.

we listen...

Offering a variety of adult degree programs since 1984, Eastern University has been an innovator in the realm of capacity building from the beginning. With a plethora of programs from Associates all the way to Doctoral degrees, Eastern can prepare employees in your organization to lead with character and integrity.

...and then deliver results.

Eastern University has mastered the art of delivering quality educational programs. The curriculum is current; every class is taught by industry professionals. By participating in the Strategic Alliances program at Eastern University, you can expect your employees to receive the following:

Critical factors taken into consideration when pursuing alliances:

  • Clear definition of the partner's mission and synergy with Eastern
  • Clear definition of the project itself, as well as its mutual benefit
  • Coordination within GPS departments and services
  • Budget implications (cost of implementation, short/long term operational costs, partner contributions, anticipated revenue)
  • Risk management with development of practical and sustainable financial and operational models
  • Long-term view on outcomes, ongoing or additional value