As Pre-Vet students, you must start planning early by setting out the right course of action geared toward your career goals. As with medical schools, veterinary schools do not require that you choose a specific college major. Therefore, no matter which major you choose, you need to take the following courses (preferably by the end of the junior year) to prepare yourself for admission:

  • English (composition and literature):  1 year (one semester of each)
  • Chemistry (including labs; majors Chemistry, General and Organic): 2 years
  • Physics (including labs): 1 year; note one semester of Calculus is a prerequisite
  • Biology (including labs): 1 year

Some vet programs also require 6 credits of social sciences or humanities (covered by Eastern University’s core and breadth requirements). Also note also that some schools have unique requirements, like Biochemistry. Be sure to investigate those schools you are interested in to ensure that you will satisfy their prerequisites.