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Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 535 or 545 Urban Education (Fall/Summer I) or Education in a Global Context (Spring/Summer II) 3
EDUC 600* Early Literacy Foundations (Preschool to 3rd grade) 3
EDUC 601* Literacy Foundations for 4th to 8th Intermediate Grades 3
EDUC 602* Reading and Learning Differences (Prerequisite: 600 or 601 or 603) 3
EDUC 603* Reading Strategies for Middle & Secondary Content Areas 3
EDUC 604* Assessment, Interv. & Report. of Lit. Progress (Fall Only) (Prerequisite: 602) 3
EDUC 606* Multicultural Literature and Curriculum (Spring Only) 3
EDUC 612* Reading Specialist Practicum (Spring Only) (Prerequisites: ALL Reading courses) 6
EDUC 635 Research Design (Fall and Spring Only) 3
  Total Credit Hours 30

* Required for certification

Student must have 30 credits to earn an MEd. If a course is "waived", you must replace it with a 3 credit graduate education course.