Admissions Requirements

The MAMFT program has the following requirements for program admission:

Bachelor’s Degree: Earned bachelor’s degree in any field with at least 6 credits in psychology, social work, human services, human development, or related courses. 

  • Potential students must have earned a 2.8 GPA or higher from a college or university that is institutionally accredited and endorsed by CHEA.
  • CLEP exam (s) will be accepted for applicants who do not have 6 credits in behavioral science courses.
  • Applicants who do not have 6 credits in behavioral sciences courses who have worked in mental health, behavioral health, social work, human services or a related professional field can petition to waive the 6-credit prerequisite requirement based on proven life experience. 

Application Steps

Step 1: If you meet the above requirements, submit the following:

  1. Application: Apply today at
  2. Transcripts: Potential students will submit official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended.
    a) How to Request a Transcript: View FAQs about requesting a transcript from your previous schools.
  3. Resume: Applicants will submit a current resume/curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. Regulatory Form: Applicants will read regulatory requirements and sign the MAMFT Regulatory Acknowledgement Form.
  5. References:  Submit 2 references using the Reference Form.
    a) Academic: One reference must be from an individual who can attest to the potential student’s academic competence (former professor)
    b) Professional: One reference from a professional reference (former practicum/field instructor or someone who has supervised the student’s work since completion of a bachelor’s degree.
    In situations where the applicant has been out of school for more than four years, or there is another indicated reason why the applicant is unable to obtain a reference from a former professor or academic advisor, two professional references may be accepted. 
  6. Essay: Potential students must submit an essay (1,000 - 1,250 words) addressing the following two points:
    a) What do you plan to do professionally upon completion of the MAMFT program?
    b) How do issues of social justice, diversity, and marginalization impact the field of counseling and therapy?

Step 2: After your application is completed, select candidates will be invited in for the following:

  1. Interview: Applicants will be interviewed by MFT faculty.
  2. Review of Intended Plan of Study: Potential students will review and select the full-time or part-time plan of study.
  3. Writing Sample: Applicants will be given up to 30 minutes to respond to a writing prompt.