Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honors Society)

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Harry Mercurio (hmercuri@eastern.edu)

Frequently Asked Questions about our Chapter, Tau Lambda:

1.  Do I have to attend the induction ceremony?
Absolutely, yes. Attendance by the inductee is mandatory.

2. Where do I go & what do I do when I arrive at the Baird Library?
Inductees must wait in the general vestibule area on the second floor prior to the ceremony. Kappa officers will be available to assist with any concerns or questions before the event begins. Guests may enter the Baird Library (in Walton Hall) upon arrival and be seated in the designated areas. Inductees will be instructed to line up alphabetically by undergraduate and graduate programs for the procession into the Baird Library with the chapter officers.

3. Can I bring guests and is there a limit?
Yes, but sometimes we have to place a limit on the number of guests. This depends on the amount of students being inducted. You will be informed of any such limit should it occur in the confirmation email.

4. How long will the ceremony last?
The ceremony and partaking in refreshments should last about 60 minutes, however you may leave after the ceremony.

5. What is the appropriate dress code for the ceremony?
Business-casual...dress pants, skirts, blouses.  **No jeans, sneakers, t-shirts.

6.  Can my family take pictures or video the ceremony?

7. Once I am inducted, what are my obligations in order to receive Honors Cords at graduation?
Members must attend at least 2 meetings and participate in 1 committee OR 1 community outreach project EACH semester. Active participation in required and is monitored.

8. What are the fees associated with joining Kappa Delta Pi?
The inductee is responsible for the $67 initiation fee. Annual dues are $52 for subsequent years.

9. When and where are Kappa meetings held?
Currently, the meetings are held at 4PM on the second Sunday of every month, September through May. They are held in the Baird Library on the second floor of Walton Hall on main campus. For a comprehensive calendar, please refer to the website or KDP bulletin board outside of the Curriculum Lab.  Students taking courses at offsite locations still need to attend the required meetings on main campus. Sometimes there is a need to hold two meetings in one month to meet project deadlines.

10. Can I still be a member after I graduate from Eastern University?
Most definitely! Some of our current members are professional, as they provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to others.

11. What will Kappa Delta Pi offer me?
Workshops and conferences, Books, journals, and other publications, Scholarships and grants, Community service projects, Teacher’s hotline, Employment resources, Professional development

12.  Where can I find out more information on Kappa Delta Pi?
You can obtain more information by www.kdp.org

S-PSEA (Student-PA State Education Association)

As a student member, one is entitled to informative publications, presentations by professionals, legal coverage in case of a lawsuit during student teaching, and many other benefits. The group is active in planning and assisting in activities that benefit children such as donating books to schools.  For more information, visit the
S-PSEA website at www.psea.org.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

As a member, students have access to evidence-based articles to broaden one’s
knowledge and receive news and information to keep current with important topics in
the field of Exceptional Children. Students can also engage in discussions that stimulate
thinking. As a student member, you will also benefit from making important connections
that expand relationships and help find new paths to advance your career.