School Counseling Certification Program of Study (48 credits)

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CNSL500 Introduction to Counseling Theory, Personality and Practice (Grade of B or Better Required) 3
CNSL503 Introduction to Special Education and Inclusion Practices 3
CNSL511 Lifespan Development 3
CNSL514 School Law, Ethics and Professional Practice 3
CNSL601 Introduction to Child and Adolescent Counseling (Prerequisite or Co-requisite: CNSL500) (Grade of B or Better Required) 3
CPSY620 Advanced Child and Adolescent Counseling (Prerequisite: CNSL601) (Grade of B or Better Required) 3
CNSL507 Groups for Children and Adolescents 3
CNSL575 Research Design/Statistics 3
CNSL617 Consultation and Advanced Inclusion Practices (Prerequisites: CNSL500, 503, 511, 514) 3
CNSL519 Foundations of School Counseling (Grade of B or Better Required) 3
CNSL611 Introduction to Assessment 3
CNSL634 School Counseling Practicum (Prerequisite: CNSL503; Co-requisite: CNSL519) (Grade of B or Better Required) 3
CNSL520 Multicultural Issues in School Settings 3
CNSL545 Career Development Theory and Practice (Prerequisite: CNSL500) 3
CPSY638 School Counseling Internship I (Prerequisite: CNSL634) (Graded Pass/Fail) 3
CPSY639 School Counseling Internship II (Prerequisite: CPSY638) (Graded Pass/Fail) 3