Curriculum for the AA in Liberal Arts

Completion of the AA Degree requires the accumulation of a minimum of 61 credits with the last 32 credits being earned at Eastern, completion of the General Education requirements and a 2.0 GPA.  The AA Curriculum provides a broad background in general education and incorporates the University's mission specific General Education distinctive courses.  The courses provide content which is Christ centered and informed by the Christian faith.

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    Course Number Course Name Credit
    BIBL 100 Biblical Literature in Contemporary Context 3
    BIOL 105 Introductory Biology 4
    COMM 120 Public Speaking 3
    ENGL 102 College Writing 3
    INST 140 Introduction to Faith, Reason, and Justice - Non-Residential and Virtual Community Students 3
    INST 161 Heritage of Western Thought and Civilization 3
    INST 270 Justice in Pluralist Society 3
    MATH 103 Mathematical Ideas 3
    LEAD 370 Cross-Cultural Studies 3
    SOCI 105 Contemporary Social Problems 3
    THEO 210 Foundations of Christian Spirituality 3
    THEO 240 Introduction to Christian Theology 3
      A DANC/FAPA/MUSI/THEA/ENGL 236 or 302/COMM220 Course 3
      Elective Coursework 21

    Students may choose 21 credits from any 100–200 level coursework offered in the 7-week, accelerated format.