Curriculum for the AA in Liberal Arts

The AA in liberal arts allows students to explore the wide range of knowledge within Eastern University’s General Education curriculum, providing them with an understanding of what it means to live as a human being who is created in the image of God and called to a life of transformation within a diverse world.

​​Completion of the AA Degree requires the accumulation of a minimum of 61 credits with the last 32 credits being earned at Eastern, completion of the General Education requirements and a 2.0 GPA.  The AA Curriculum provides a broad background in General Education and incorporates the University's mission-specific General Education distinctive courses.  The courses provide content which is informed by the Christian faith.

For the AA in liberal arts, students select classes from eleven general education categories to provide a strong foundation of critical and creative thinking across disciplines. View the full list of General Education options.

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These are the classes that undergraduate LifeFlex students typically take because they tend to be offered regularly in a 7-week online format at Eastern University:

Spirituality (9 credits): 

  • BIBL 100
  • THEO 210
  • THEO 140 or MISS 100

Western Tradition (3 credits):

  • HIST 202 

Cultural Perspectives (3 credits):

  • ANTH 101, MUSI 250 or EDUC 417

Human Behavior (3 credits):

  • ANTH 101, SOCI 105, SOWK 110, PSYC 100, ECON 203, GEOG 201, or EDUC 211

Mathematics (3-4 credits):

  • MATH 100, MATH 160, PSYC 220 or BUSA 221

Natural Sciences (3-4 credits):

  • BIOL 105

Character Formation (3 credits):

  • INST 140*

Social Justice (3 credits):

  • POLI 270 and EDUC 417

Communication (3 credits):

  • COMM 120 Public Speaking

English Writing (3 credits):

  • ENGL 102 (3 credits): Students must achieve a grade of C or higher.

Arts and Literature (3 credits):

  • ENGL 236 or MUSI 250

Elective Coursework (23-25 credits)

  • Students may choose 23-25 credits from any 100–200 level coursework offered in the 7-week, accelerated format.

*INST 151 is accepted for any student that took it as part of a traditional undergraduate program at Eastern University. Students still must reach the required 120 credits to graduate.