Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 512* TESOL Methods with Field Experience (10 hours) 3
EDUC 514* Theories of Second Language Acquisition 3
EDUC 517* Multicultural Education 3
EDUC 522* Language Testing and Materials Development 3
EDUC 545 Education in a Global Context 3
EDUC 550T* TESOL Field Experience/Portfolio (50 hours) (Capstone) 3
LANG 510* Linguistics 3
EDUC 582T Methods of Classroom Management: TESOL (Fall Only) 3
EDUC 600T Early Literacy Foundations: TESOL (Spring Only) 3
EDUC 635T Research Design: TESOL 3
Total Credit Hours 30

* Required for Pennsylvania Department of Education ESL Program Specialist. PDE requires applicants for PA ESL Program Specialist to hold a current Instructional I or II certification. Therefore, applicants must submit copy of Instructional I or II certification with their signed program of study.

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