Social Work Curriculum

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The Major For The B.S.W. In Social Work

Professional Requirements:

Course Number Course Name Credit
SOWK 105 Introduction to Social Work 3
SOWK 110 Human Diversity and Social Interaction 3
SOWK 205W Human Need and Social Response 3
SOWK 340 The Social Work Agency 3
SOWK 360 Social Work Practice I 3
SOWK 370 Social Work Field Practicum I 3
SOWK 420 Individual Growth and Activity in Social Environment 3
SOWK 440 Social Welfare Policy Issues 3
SOWK 461-462 Social Work Practice II 3-3
SOWK 471-472 Social Work Field Practicum II 4-4
SOWK 481 Social Work Research 3
Subtotal Credit Hours: 42

Professionally Related Requirements:

Course Number Course Name Credit
ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3
BIOL 104 Human Biology 4
ECON 205 Essentials of Economics or 3
ECON 220 Faith and Economic Justice 3
POLI 104 State and Local Government 3
PSYC 100 General Psychology 3
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology 3
Subtotal Credit Hours: 19
Total Credit Hours: 61

You may also take the following electives; however, they are not required, but encouraged:

Course Number Course Name Credit
SOWK 251 Child Welfare 3
SOWK 253 Social Work with Families 3
SOWK 254 Services to the Aging 3
SOWK 258 Women's Issues and Services 3
SOWK 261 International Social Work 3
SOWK 262 Addictions and Social Welfare 3
SOWK 263 Mental Health and Social Welfare 3
SOWK 264 Grief, Loss and Social Welfare 3
SOWK 265 Social Work with Groups 3


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