BA in Youth Ministry

Why Major in Youth Ministry?

The BA in Youth Ministry is a unique blend of youth ministry, biblical studies, and theology courses, including upper-level courses in programming skills, discipleship, youth ministry in urban settings, as well as courses in the foundations of Christian spirituality and theological thinking.  This degree prepares students for careers in youth ministry in para-church ministries, inner-city ministries, traditional church settings, and a variety of other settings.

Why Choose Eastern?

  • Recognized in Youth Ministry circles as one of the strongest departments in the United States
  • Practical ministry to adolescents integrated with Bible, theology, human development, ministry leadership and organization, and a variety of societal issues teenagers face in today’s culture
  • 320 hours of field placement give students ample practical experience and opportunities to develop ministry skills
  • Internships with Young Life, para-church ministries, inner-city ministries, traditional church settings, among others
  • Faculty reflect decades of ministry experiences on several continents, in adolescent psychology, pastoral ministry, urban ministry, hip hop culture, anthropology, para-church ministries, camp ministry and curriculum development
  • Diverse course offerings in ministry skill development, biblical foundations, analysis of cultural challenges to teenagers, and practical experience in the field
  • Faculty are all involved in current youth ministry work and are available for advising and engaging in discussion about ministry with students

Recent Youth Ministry Graduates Serve In:

  • Church Ministry
  • Para-Church Ministry
  • Urban Youth Ministry
  • International Youth Ministry
  • Outdoor and Wilderness Ministry
  • Camping Ministry
  • College and Young Adult Ministry
  • Chaplaincy in children's hospitals

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