Youth Ministry Curriculum

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Course Number Course Name Credit
YMIN 101 Introduction to Youth Ministry 3
YMIN 102 The Gospel and Adolescent Culture 3
YMIN 202W Youth Ministry and Evangelistic Strategy 3
YMIN 205 Youth Ministry and the Small Group Process 3
YMIN 207 Youth Ministry Programming Skills 3
YMIN 305 Youth Ministry Administration 3
YMIN 402 Discipling Youth 1
YMIN 404 Senior Seminar 2
Subtotal Credit Hours: 21
YMIN 313, 314, or 315 Field Placement I 1-3
YMIN 413, 414, or 415 Field Placement II 1-3
Subtotal Credit Hours: 4
Choose ONE of the following courses: (may include courses taken to meet CORE requirements) 3
PSYC 206 Adolescent Psychology
PSYC 240 Basic Counseling Skills
SOCI 310 The Family
Choose ONE of the following courses: 3
YMIN 203 Youth Ministry in the Wilderness
YMIN 303 Ministry in the Urban Setting
YMIN 304 Issues in Urban Youth Ministry
YMIN 316 Practicum: International Youth Ministry
YMIN 317 Cross-Cultural Mindset in Ministry
Choose ONE of the following courses: 2
YMIN 217 Youth Ministry Teaching Lab
YMIN 406 Youth Ministry Skills Clinic
Subtotal Credits: 8
Bible and Theology Courses
TWO courses in Theology (to include CORE requirements)
THEO 210 Foundations of Christian Spirituality 3
THEO 240 Theological Thinking 3
Subtotal Credit Hours: 6
Total Credit Hours: 39

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