Certification in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4)

This program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a BS in Early Childhood Education (Pre K- 4) with a Certification in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4).

Education majors may pursue a minor in any subject area by fulfilling appropriate departmental requirements for a minor although it is not required. 

Admissions & Retention Requirements

Tracking Sheet:

Course Requirements

For course descriptions, see our course catalog.


Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 200 Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 201 Introduction to Special Education 3
EDUC 234 Child and Adolescent Development 3
EDUC 211 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 301 Assessment and Evaluation 3
EDUC 306 Science and Health for Children 3
EDUC 308 Teaching Social Studies 3
EDUC 310 Mathematics for the Teacher 3
EDUC 328 Early Childhood Education 3
EDUC 380 Communication Arts 3
EDUC 382 Methods of Classroom Management 3
EDUC 384 Inclusive Education 3
EDUC 400 Early Literacy Foundation 3
EDUC 408 Education Seminar w/ Field Experience (110 hrs) 3
EDUC 412 Teaching English as a Second Language 3
EDUC 417 Multicultural Education 3


Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 410 Student Teaching 12
EDUC 420 Seminar in Student Teaching 3


Course Number Course Name Credit
ENGL 102 or 103 College Writing (Skilled in the Written Word) 3
FAPA 300W Arts Integration in the Classroom (Aesthetically Literate) 3
BIOL 105 General Biology or any lab science (Knowledgable About the Natural Sciences) 4
PHYS 205 or CHEM 111/113 or 115 Physical Science for Teachers (Knowledgable About the Natural Sciences) 3
GEOG 201 or ANTH 201 World Geography or Anthropology (Knowledgable About the Social Sciences) 3
POLI 103 or 104 American Government or State/Local Government (Knowledgable About the Social Sciences) 3
MATH 2 Mathematics courses 6
ENGL 1 English Literature course 3
HIST 201 or 202 American History 3