Student Employment Programs

Student Employment Programs

Welcome to the Student Employment webpage for Eastern University, and its branch campuses: Palmer Theological Seminary, Esperanza College, and Graduate and Professional Studies.  Please feel free to explore our site to find out more and to apply for a job.

Employment programs allow students to work and earn funds to help pay for their education and educational expenses. Eastern University offers both need-based work (Federal Work Study- FWS) and non-need based work (Eastern Campus Employment- ECE).  The following forms are to be on file before any work may begin- please read the instructions carefully:

  1. W-4 Form-required to be completed in person with an EU Human Resources Representative
  2. I-9 Form-required to be completed in person with an EU Human Resources Representative
  3. Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form- select one from the list below
    - Students working on the Eastern- St. Davids Campus
    - Students working at a Philadelphia Campus
  4. Student Employment Work Contract (will be given to student after above documents have been completed; returning student workers will receive them via campus mail at the beginning of the semester)
  5. Direct Deposit Form

All Student Employment Paperwork must be submitted at LEAST A WEEK BEFORE work begins for timely Payroll Processing.  Please review the 2017 Payroll Dates.

2017-2018 Student Employment Contracts (FWS & ECE) began on May 7, 2017 and end on May 5, 2018.  Please visit our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page and check out the Student/Supervisor Orientation for more information on the employment programs and processes.  For detailed information on all of the Student Employment programs and processes, please review the Student Employment Handbook.  I also encourage you to utilize the USA Funds Life Skills Student Guide.  Contact Andrea Ruth, Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Student Employment Coordinator, at with any Student Employment questions.

New for 17-18!! Job Openings Newsletter- Spring 2018- Updated January 29, 2018

Time Cards

Electronic time cards are for FWS student workers, ECE student workers, and Graduate & Doctoral  Assistants and Employees.  You must have all of your Student Employment paperwork completed and on file with the Financial Aid Office before work can begin and before an electronic time card will become available to you on WebAdvisor.  Students must submit their electronic time card by noon on the Sunday after the pay period ends.  Supervisors must approve and submit their students electronic time cards by noon on the Monday after the pay period ends.  All time cards are accessible via the portal.  Review the Student Instructions and/or the Supervisor Instructions on the new electronice time card process.

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