What's an audition like?

All auditions will be evaluated by the Worship Team Advisor and current members of the Chapel Worship Team.
Vocalists should be prepared to sing one worship song a cappella. The song should be from the Christian genre (contemporary, worship, hymn, gospel, etc.). If you play the guitar you may have the opportunity to sing with your instrument, however you must sing a cappella first. You will not be able to sing your song in its entirety so make sure you select a portion that highlights your range. You will also be asked to sing harmonies and improvise for a song selected by the evaluator. You will be evaluated on pitch, technique, timing, expression and communication.
Instrumentalists: A piano, drums and guitar amp will be available on site for use. Guitar players should bring their own instrument. Instrumentalists do not need to prepare a particular song. A worship song will be selected by the evaluator. You will be evaluated on pitch, technique, timing, expression and communication.

How many CWT awards are available?

CWT Awards are $2,000 per year, or $8,000 total over four years for up to 8 students.

What are the CWT expectations throughout the year?
  • Worship Team Training: scheduled a week prior to classes beginning in the Fall semester
  • Worship Team Development Day: scheduled for a day in the Spring prior to end of the semester
  • Participation in Chapel (every Wednesday)
  • Conquer the Night: one Friday evening a semester, 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. Saturday Morning
  • Cross Cultural Experience Field Trips: one per semester
  • Commitment to musical and spiritual excellence
  • Personal preparation of music
  • Respect for each member of the team
  • Participation for the entire academic year
How will worship team members be selected?

Everyone who auditions will be notified within two weeks via email whether or not you are being considered for a team. The evaluator and current CWT members collaborate in order to select new team members. In some instances, additional information may be requested for further consideration.

How many CWT positions are open for this year?

CWT openings are based on the needs of the present teams' composition. Currently, this information is not available.

Do CWT members have to re-audition every year?

CWT members are expected to pursue spiritual growth, maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, and follow the University's Student Behavioral Expectations. As long as these requirements are met, CWT members do not have to audition every year.

Do I have to be a Music Major to be on the CWT?

The CWT is a ministry of the Office of Faith and Practice, a co-curricular activity. Students are not required to major in music to serve on the CWT.