Endure Mentoring Program

ENDURE is a program built on the foundation of this truth: Godly mentoring results in godly living, which greatly impacts the furthering of the Kingdom. Scripture provides several examples of such mentoring, from Eli and Samuel to Jesus and the twelve disciples.

In the ENDURE Program, first-year students of color are paired with upperclassmen and upperclassmen are paired with members of Eastern’s faculty, staff, administration, or alumni. This mentoring bond will encourage spiritual, emotional, and academic growth for all involved.

The ENDURE Program is committed to building multi-dimensional relationships so that both mentor and "mentee" will “run with perseverance the race marked out for us” and “endure hardship as discipline” as we are encouraged to do in Hebrews 12.

Those who embark on this journey will have the opportunity to acquire the essentials needed to develop understanding, righteousness, and excellence!

It’s all about running alongside another and enduring for as long as it takes!