All incoming students are required to submit their Immunization Record, Medical History, and Insurance Card through the Secure Student Health Portal beginning Fall 2021. 

When using the Student Health Portal, you must enter the date and year that you received the Immunization. A copy of your Immunization Record must be signed by a healthcare provider.

When uploading your Insurance information, please provide clear images of the front and back of your most recent Insurance card. 

Students who do not submit all required documents to the Health Center will not be cleared to move onto campus. No exceptions. Failure to complete the forms will result in a hold on your student account. This will prevent you from registering for classes in the future. 

Student Health Portal Commonly Asked Questions

I uploaded my Immunization Record but the vaccinations are still showing up as incomplete. How do I fix that?

Please make sure you have manually typed in the date for each vaccination on your Student Health Portal. The Immunization Record is necessary to ensure the dates you typed are correct and verified by a medical professional.

Where do I find the HIPAA Acknowledgement/ Rights of Access/ Medical History forms?

These forms are web documents that will be digitally signed. They are under the “Forms” section of the Student Health Portal; if you’re having trouble finding them, please double-check that you’re not looking under “Uploads.”

I uploaded my Immunization Record/ Medical History/ Physical (pages 1-12) to the Portal, but it still says I haven’t completed one. Why?

The Student Health Portal requires a separate submission for each of these forms. Please double-check that each of these sections were uploaded individually, under their own file. It is OK to upload the whole record each time, please make sure each section is complete.

What is TITERS?

TITERS is a series of laboratory blood tests. This type of test is performed when someone has already contracted the disease they’re testing for and did not get vaccinated against it. 

If you have not had laboratory blood-drawn tests performed for a certain disease, please do not submit your vaccination record under TITERS. 

I had 4 or more doses of a vaccination, but there is only 1-3 slots to write in the dates. Now what?

Please provide the most recent dates for shots in a series. For example, it is not uncommon for the 3rd Hepatitis B vaccination to be administered too early, and in this case your doctor likely administered a 4th shot later on. The Student Health Portal detects that the 3rd dose was too soon, so you may put the dates for shots 1, 2, and 4.


I filled out all the forms and uploaded all the documents, but I’m still being listed as non-compliant. Why?

The Student Health Center Staff checks regularly for compliance and we verify as we go. This is not an automated process, it is something we do manually. Because of this, it may take up to a week for us to verify your Health Record for compliance. Thank you for your patience and understanding.