Dear Student,

Welcome to Eastern University!  All full-time undergraduate students who will be residing (living in the residence halls) and attending classes on the St. Davids campus are required to complete health forms and turn them in before move-in day (in the Spring or Fall). We are requesting that you upload your health forms to the EU Student Health Portal.

Access the Student Health Portal.

How to Navigate the EU Health Portal

Once you log into the EU Health portal using your EU username and password (same as your email), it will take you to the homepage.

At the top of the page (above the welcome image) there are several tabs.

Accessing Forms
Click on the 'Forms' tab and it will open up to a page with two sections.

Printable forms: The first section is in blue and reads 'Downloadable Forms and Documents'. These are the forms you are to download, complete, scan (or take clear images), and then upload.

Online forms: The second section is in blue as well and reads 'Forms'. These are forms that you can complete online. Click on them, fill them out, and submit.

Uploading Forms
Click  on the 'Upload' tab and scroll down to the drop down bar which reads 'Choose document you are uploading'. Once you click on this bar, you will find the names of the documents to be uploaded. Select the right heading and upload the scan or image you have taken to the system. When uploading the Tuberculosis screening form, do so under the heading 'PPD Test Results'.

Immunizations Dates & Records
While you are to upload your immunization records, please note you must enter the individual immunization dates into the EU Health Portal. You can do this by clicking on the 'Immunization' tab. There you will find the listed required immunizations. 

You can also watch the Health Portal Walkthrough for more information.

Explore More

Check out this video walkthrough on how to use the EU Health Portal

Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you.

Damona Wilson
Director of Student Health Services