Strategic Communications & Marketing

Our Associate Vice President for Marketing, Enrollment, and Communications and our Chief Marketing and Communications Officer oversee department processes, staff hires and development, budgets, corporate sponsorships and the implementation of strategic marketing initiatives and campaigns. Vendor relationships for executing marketing and advertising strategies and specific campaigns are also overseen by this area. Overall department vision, strategy, project initiatives, and execution are key responsibilities of these roles. 

Branding & Graphic Design

Our design service area is led by our Brand Design Director, with assistance from our Graphic Designer. This area is responsible for all branding development, graphic design project schedules, illustrations, photography management, logo development and guidelines, printing preparations and schedules, as well as all processes related to design and production management.

Social Media, Video & Photography Services

Our Campus Photographer & Social Media Manager, Lead Videographer, and Marketing Content Producer work to create innovative photos and videos to showcase Eastern University and its various assets and programs for advertising, web, and social media. This team also oversees all social media accounts for the University and executes photography and videography to document the life of the University. 

Web & Writing Services

Our Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Senior Web Manager, and Marketing Content Producer work to showcase Eastern’s unique identity through excellent and creative writing in our digital and print marketing materials, and oversee the management of and The Web and Writing service area is also responsible for public relations, media relations, communication strategies, and crisis communication.

Enrollment Communications & CRM Management

Our Assistant Directors of Enrollment Communications and our CRM Specialists oversee our email and print communications strategy for prospective students, as well as our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and technology.