Transformation of Yourself and Society: Our department believes that reading and writing produce both individual and cultural transformation. Students develop leadership skills and gain real-life experiences through internships, teaching assistantships, and service learning projects. They can write and design the school newspaper, publish in the campus literary journal, and practice screenwriting during a semester in Los Angeles.

Intellectual Rigor and Christian Maturity: Students critically analyze literature and write creatively in intimate seminars and workshops. Closely guided by Christian professors, seniors produce a final project: in the writing concentration, students develop a 45-page manuscript in the genre of their choice, and in the journalism concentration, students research ethical choices in a digital information age.

Cultural Diversity and Creativity: We offer specialized courses in Scottish Literature, Censorship, Shakespeare in Popular Culture, World Fiction, Postcolonial Women's Novels, and more. Because we value innovative teaching, our students have visited Philadelphia's quirky Magic Gardens for writing exercises or the Rosenbach Museum to view original manuscripts.

Wonder, Study and Travel: There are opportunities to attend Oxford University in England, St. Andrews University in Scotland, the Oregon Extension, or The Washington Journalism Seminar that includes an internship there. In addition, we also offer a unique 3-week, faith-based, gender studies seminar in literature and writing on the coastal region of Maine.