Courses Offered 100% Online

YMIN 101 Introduction to Youth Ministry (3)
YMIN 102 Gospel & Adolescent Culture (3)
YMIN 202W Youth Ministry and Evangelistic Strategy (3)
YMIN 205 Youth Ministry and the Small Group Process (3)
YMIN 305 Youth Ministry Administration (3)
YMIN 404 Senior Seminar (2)
PSYC 206 Adolescent Psychology (3)

Field Placement Courses

YMIN 315 Field Placement I (2)
YMIN 415 Field Placement II (2)

Courses Offered in May Residencies

YMIN 207 Youth Ministry Programming Skills (3)
YMIN 406 Youth Ministry Skills Clinic (2)
YMIN 402 Discipling Youth (2)
Choose ONE of the following courses:
YMIN 203 Youth Ministry in the Wilderness (3)
YMIN 303 Ministry in the Urban Setting (3)

Bible and Theology Requirements (100% Online)

BIBL 101 Nature and Meaning of the Old Testament (3)
BIBL 102 Nature and Meaning of the New Testament (3)
THEO 210 Foundations of Christian Spirituality (3)
THEO 240 Theological Thinking (3)

Four courses in Bible or Theology above the 200 (12)

Total credits required in the major: 45

Please note, a minimum of 121 credits is required to earn the baccalaureate degree. In addition to completing their major courses, students may transfer credits or take coursework in our AA in Liberal Arts program to fulfill the required number of credits.


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