YMIN 101 Introduction to Youth Ministry 3
This course will be a study of the physical and emotional development of adolescents, and the development of a philosophy of ministry with adolescents, with guidelines and discussion relating to the implementation of a program of ministry within the framework of the local church as well as in various other contexts.

YMIN 102 The Gospel and Adolescent Culture 3
This course will survey various elements of the youth culture and the adolescent experience while considering ways that these elements of culture and experience are addressed by the Gospel of Christ. The course will feature discussion of traditional adolescent issues and a survey of curricula and materials that address these issues.

YMIN 202W Youth Ministry and Evangelistic Strategy 3
The ministry of outreach and evangelism is a critical component of any effective youth ministry. This course will examine the biblical bases for evangelistic ministry, the essential components of the evangelistic message, and will survey various modes and means of personal and group evangelism. This course will also focus on developing significant writing skills or students in the major.

YMIN 203 Youth Ministry in the Wilderness 3
This course will explore the value and rationale for youth ministry in the context of wilderness camping. Special emphasis will be placed on the logistics of group camping in the wilderness setting, and how to plan and execute such a trip. Course participants will learn ways of using the wilderness experience for group building, leadership development and personal spiritual growth. The context of the course is a two-week wilderness trip that will include backpacking, rock-climbing and whitewater rafting. The class is offered every other year in APJL as part of the required residency program. Additional fees.

YMIN 205 Youth Ministry and the Small Group Process 3
By learning and participating in a small group, students will gain the basic skills necessary for facilitating small groups in a youth ministry context. Through this experience, students will learn how to create an atmosphere where youth can meet together regularly and become committed to each other, to the group, and to growing together in their faith in Christ. Principles of biblical interpretation and Bible study activities appropriate to youth ministry will be explored. Prerequisites: Minimum grades of C in YMIN 101, 102.

YMIN 207 Youth Ministry Programming Skills 3
This course is designed to train students in skills necessary for effective youth ministry. This phase of the skills curriculum will focus on creativity, learning styles, event planning, communication skills and techniques. The course will utilize a laboratory approach that begins with instruction and moves into hands-on participation. Offered in fall.
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in YMIN 101.

YMIN 303 Youth Ministry in the Urban Setting 3
The objective of this course is to give students a vision for youth ministry in an urban environment. Students will not only have opportunity to see and experience various approaches to urban youth ministry, but will also be challenged to explore their attitudes toward cross-cultural ministry, racism and poverty. Prerequisites: Minimum grades of C in YMIN 101, 102.

YMIN 305 Youth Ministry Administration 3
This course will focus on some of the “nuts-and bolts” areas of everyday youth ministry in the parish and para-church setting. Topics examined will range from organizing and administering a youth program to counseling teenagers, the dynamics of team ministry and working with programs.  Other practical concerns that will be given attention are finances and budgeting, church staff relationships and promotional skills. Offered every spring. Prerequisites: Minimum grades of C in YMIN 101, 102, 207.

YMIN 315 (2), 415 (2) Field Placement I & II
Each youth ministry major is required to complete a total of 320 hours (4 credits) of field placement. This allows a student to practice and sharpen performance skills in the only setting where they finally count, in ministry with the youth themselves. Field placement credits may be earned through summer internships, one-year, fulltime ministry internships through part-time placements during the school semester.  Opportunities range from working with Young Life or some other para-church ministry, to inner-city ministry, to ministry in a traditional church setting.

YMIN 402 Discipling Youth 2
Beginning with a biblical definition of Christian    discipleship, special attention is given to identifying what Christian discipleship looks like in the    adolescent culture. Students review various components    of a ministry of discipleship and examine    strategies of discipling youth. The course uses lecture,    classroom discussion, independent research and a five-day field trip to view various youth discipleship ministries.  Students will be charged an additional fee to cover extra food and housing costs for the travel component of the course. Due to the unusual nature of this course, it is offered every other year in APJL as part of the required residency program.  Prerequisites: Minimum grades of C in YMIN 101, 102.

YMIN 404 Senior Seminar 2
Using a seminar format, special focus and attention will be given to questions that often emerge in youth ministry: At what point does parental responsibility override a confidential youth-youth minister relationship? How does one handle various problems of discipline? What is the relationship between para-church and local church youth programs? The course will utilize a case-study approach in exploring some of these issues. The Culminating Senior Experience (CSE) project will be part of this course. Prerequisites: Minimum grades of C in YMIN 305.

YMIN 406 Youth Ministry Skills Clinic 2
This course will be designed to give students opportunities to exercise their skills in speaking to teenagers. Students will focus on creative teaching methods, curriculum design and various approaches to Bible study (topical, textual, etc.). Class sessions will consist largely of student presentations and care-full group critique of those presentations. Prerequisites: Course is open to youth ministry majors who are in their junior or senior year and have successfully (minimum grades of C) completed YMIN 101, 102, 207 or who have permission of the instructor.

BIBL 101 Nature and Meaning of the Old Testament 3
A descriptive introduction to the general content and main episodes of the story of Israel in the Old Testament. The focus is on understanding the flow of events, key characters, stories, themes, genres, and historical settings of the Old Testament. We will also begin to explore how the gospel continues and develops Old Testament themes.

BIBL 102 Nature and Meaning of the New Testament 3
A descriptive introduction to the content of the New Testament, especially in the Gospels and the letters of Paul. A main focus is on the importance of understanding the New Testament in its ancient historical and cultural setting and applying that knowledge to contemporary faith and life. Prerequisite: BIBL 101.

THEO 210 Foundations of Christian Spirituality 3
This course explores the historic foundations of the Christian spiritual life. It considers key biblical texts and selected classical Christian writings in order to understand the nature and development of mature Christian faith, the connection between faith development and human development, the relationship between Christian faith and the various doubts and conflicts faced by contemporary believers, and the significance of classical spiritual disciplines in the formation of authentic Christian character. Prerequisite: BIBL 101, 102; minimum grade of C in BIBL 101, 102

THEO 240 Theological Thinking 3
A survey of the main themes of Christian theology from both systematic and biblical perspectives. Special emphasis is on the development of responsible theological thought. Such topics as the basis of authority, the nature of God, human nature, the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Church will be discussed.  Prerequisite: BIBL 101, 102; minimum grade of C in BIBL 101, 102


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