Why Study Philosophy at Eastern?

Philosophy at Eastern University provides opportunities for shared inquiry into the fundamental questions of life within the context of historic, orthodox Christian faith.

Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom, which means it is training for every aspect of life.  That includes a career.  As you grow skilled in speaking, writing, logic and research, the doors to every career are open.  As a result, philosophy majors go on to work in teaching, business, and the non-profit sector, or to further schooling in law school, business school, seminary and medical school, as well as Ph.D. work in literature, economics, mathematics and, of course, philosophy. 

We’re not alone in thinking that you will be able to find work. See the following articles:

Opportunities for Philosophy Students at Eastern

  • Participate in the Philosophy club, reading groups, close interaction with professors, evening lectures and discussions, and a close community of other students,
  • Investigate philosophy in lively conversation with faith
  • Active, engaging, rigorous classroom discussion and questioning
  • Distinguished faculty hold top degrees and actively publish on Christian thought and theology, ethics, evangelicalism, political philosophy, and literature
  • Research and travel opportunities with the EU Philosophical Society
  • Opportunity for study at other universities, in Philadelphia and around the world
  • Areas of Study: Faith and Philosophy; History of Philosophy (Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Continental); Philosophy of Literature; Ethics and Justice; Art and Culture; Introduction to philosophy; Logic; Philosophy of Religion; Aesthetics
“As a philosophy major I was taught the skills of asking critical questions, re-framing issues, considering all sides of an argument, and critical analysis.”

Andrew Zakhari '07,  Philosophy Major
Substance Abuse Specialist