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Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 501 Introduction to Special Education 3
EDUC 511 Educational Psychology or CLEP - Intro to Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 512 Teaching English as a Second Language 3
EDUC 536 Child Development: PK-4 3
EDUC 537 Early Childhood Education w/ Field Experience (10 hrs) 3
EDUC 571 Teaching Math, Science & Health 3
EDUC 572 Teaching Social Studies & Language Arts 3
EDUC 540 Early Literacy Foundations  3
EDUC 502 Assessment and Evaluation 3
EDUC 504 Inclusive Education w/ Field Experience 3
EDUC 610** Student Teaching (all PRAXIS must be completed) 6
EDUC 620 Seminar in Student Teaching (complete with EDUC 610) 3
  Total Credits 39

**Applications for student teaching must be submitted via online between December 15 and January 15 for the following Fall and Spring semester.

This certification requires field experience/observation hours, which are embedded in courses throughout this program.  For a list of courses requiring field observations, please view the College of Education Field Experience Observation Hours webpage.

External Agencies have authority to impose new standards for certification before a student's program of study is completed.