Eastern University's MEd in Curriculum & Instruction prepares expert educators and teacher leaders who can serve in a variety of school settings. Students graduate with competencies in evidence-based curriculum design, instructional expertise, and the tools to practice ethical decision-making for the benefit of all students.


Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 500 or EDUC 517  Foundations of Education or Multicultural Education 3
EDUC 623 Curriculum Design * 3
EDUC 635 Research Design 3
  Electives if needed **
Some Suggested Education Elective Courses 
EDUC 535 Urban Education 3
EDUC 545 Education in a Global Context 3
EDUC 606 Multicultural Literature and Curriculum 3
EDUC 617 A/B Advanced Seminar in Multicultural Education 3
EDUC 624 School Law 3

* Students must either have sufficient teaching experience or have completed one of the following courses prior to enrolling in EDUC 623 Curriculum Design: EDUC 571, EDUC 572, EDUC 573 or EDUC 574

** Students who enroll in the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction after completing an Eastern University Post-Baccalaureate certification program may not need to complete elective courses.