Eastern University's MEd in Curriculum & Instruction Middle-Level Language Arts Concentration prepares expert educators and teacher leaders who can serve in a variety of school settings. Students graduate with competencies in evidence-based curriculum design, instructional expertise, and the tools to practice ethical decision-making for the benefit of all students.


Students must complete at least 30 credits to earn an MEd.

Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 500 or EDUC 517  Foundations of Education or Multicultural Education 3
EDUC 623 Curriculum Design * 3
EDUC 635 Research Design 3
EDUC 501 Introduction to Special Education  3
EDUC 511 Educational Psychology** 3
EDUC 512 Teaching English as a Second Language Methods 3
EDUC 534 Child and Adolescent Development** 3
EDUC 573 Methods of Teaching Middle-Level and Secondary Math, Science, & Health 3
EDUC 574 Methods of Teaching Middle-Level Language Arts & Social Studies 3
EDUC 603 Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas 3
EDUC 682 Assessment and Evaluation 3
EDUC 684 Inclusive Education 3
EDUC 610 Student Teaching 6
EDUC 620 Seminar in Student Teaching 3

* Students must either have sufficient teaching experience or have completed one of the following courses prior to enrolling in EDUC 623 Curriculum Design: EDUC 571, EDUC 572, EDUC 573 or EDUC 574

** Students may take CLEP Exams in place of these courses