EDUC536 - Child Development: PK-4th grade

This course provides an advanced examination of the developmental theories and milestones associated with children birth through ten years. Physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development is viewed in the contexts of the family, community, and formal education settings. Particular emphasis is placed on the interaction of social and cultural environments on learning and development.

EDUC537 - Early Childhood Education with Field Experience

This course examines the historical developments and current philosophies of early childhood education. The ways in which teachers apply various philosophies to curricular and structural components of early childhood programs are also investigated. Ten hours of field experience are also required for successful completion of this course.

EDUC538 - Non-Profit Management for Early Childhood Centers

This course provides an advanced study in ethical theories and decision making as a foundation for focusing on issues specific to the nonprofit childcare sector. Focus is given to marketing, management of financial resources, IRS compliance, legal & ethical issues, licensing, fundraising, data management, and employee relations.